Boehler Bone Rongeur 30° 15cm

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Boehler Bone Rongeur, Double Action Hinged, curved, 30°, 2mm, 15cm

Product Details:
Bone Rongeur – Boehler
Double Action Hinged design
Total length of instrument is 15cm
Working jaws are curved, at 30°, with 2mm jaws width
Surgical Stainless Steel
Completely Sterilizable

Boehler Rongeur is a surgical instrument, used specifically in the modification and handling of bone. It is a Double Action Hinged Rongeur like Beyer Rongeur. The curved jaws angle is at 30°, higher as compare to Beyer Rongeur design. It is an ideal instrument for working in many different areas of the body that mirror the Boehler Rongeur curvature.

Smaller amount of bone should be removed in each of multiple bites. Never used the Boehler Rongeur for removing large amount of a bone in a single bite. The jaws of Boehler Rongeur are slightly cup shaped, it provides additional grip with bone as well as it makes easy to enlarge holes via scooping.

Bone Rongeur is used for the removal of sharp edges of the alveolar crest of the bone following tooth extraction. The Bone Rongeur has extraction forceps or pliers like design terminating at the distal end with sharp edges. Scoop shaped jaws of Bone Rongeur attached to strong and sprung(self-opening) pivoted or multi pivoted handles. When the handles are squeezed together, it closes the Bone Rongeur jaws that bite(cut) through the bone tissue.


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