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Bone Condenser & Periosteal

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Bone Condenser/Periosteal, 3mm/4.7mm, DE, #6S

Product Details:
Condenser and Periosteal working ends.It is used to carry, shape, sculpt, and condense graft material for extraction, ridge and sinus applications. Condenser dia is 3mm, and plugger dia is 4.7mm. Surgical grade stainless steel. Completely Sterilizable.

Large, round condenser for condensation of graft material into the osteotomy, ridge or sinus window. Concave periosteal working end for enhanced shaping and placement of bone graft material. Increased comfort and control with reduced wrist and hand fatigue afforded by a large Satin Steel handle. Handcrafted from surgical grade stainless for longevity and corrosion resistance.

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