Bone Scraper Angled 15.5cm

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Bone Scraper, Angled 15.5cm

Product Details:
Angled Bone Scraper
Total instrument length is 15.5cm
Surgical grade stainless steel
Completely Sterilizable

This instrument combine bone scraper, mixing vessel and applicator. The blade allows scraping of the bone, which hereby mixes with blood. The material collected in the corpus can be easily applied by retracting the blade. The sharp working ends allow the bone material to be cut into fine slices without great efforts. For optimum sharpness after each use we recommend that the tips are regrind with Arkansas stone.

Bone Scraper has widened handle design, fits perfectly in the hand, ensures that the instrument is supported and controlled securely during bone curettage. The sharp cutting edge ideally meets the surgeon’s needs in handling the jaw under different anatomical conditions.


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