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Goldman-Fox Scissor Cvd SC Serr.

Goldman-Fox Scissor, cvd, SC, 1 edge Serrated, 12.5cm

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Goldman-Fox Scissor, cvd, SC, 1 edge Serrated, 12.5cm

Product Details:
Goldman-Fox Scissor
Super Cut Scissor
1 cutting edge is serrated
Curved cutting blades
Pointed cutting edges
Total length is 12.5cm
Surgical Stainless Steel
Completely sterilisable

Super Cut (SC):
Super-Cut (SC) scissors have razor sharp cutting edges, cut effortlessly and softly through thicker material. The serrated cutting edge on the second blade prevents slipping from tissue and sutures. Super-Cut is not practical for wires, cartilage and other hard materials. One handle ring is gold plated to help with easier identification.

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