Hemingway Bone Curette 3.2mm

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Hemingway Sharp Spoons Curette, 3.2mm, DE, #6

Product Details:
Hemingway Bone Curette
Double ended hand instrument
Spoon diameter is 3.2mm, Smooth
Surgical Stainless Steel
Completely Sterilizable

Hemingway Bone Curettes are used by oral surgeons to scoop out tissue or material from small, tight areas. It is also used to remove tissue debris or soft tissue entrapped between fracture edges in order to promote maximum healing after bone reduction and fixation. Hemingway Bone Curette has a long polygonal handle that extends to two angled working ends with small scoops of slightly different shapes. Hemingway Bone Curettes are available in different spoon sizes 2.6mm, 2.8mm, 3.2mm and 3.8mm. The angled working ends enable surgeons to scrape and clean bone in narrow surgical fields.


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