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Kelly Scissor Cvd. TC Serr. 16cm

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Kelly Scissor cvd  TC one  edge Serrated 16cm

Product Details:
Kelly Scissor with 25 k gold handle
Tungsten Carbide Tips make it to use for long time
1 cutting edge is serrated make cutting easy and smooth
Curved cutting edges will increase it functionallity
Sharp pointed cutting edges will make it easy for cutting
Total length is 16cm but all other size also available
Surgical Stainless Steel
Completely sterilisable

Tungsten-Carbide (TC):
Tungsten-Carbide is incorporated into the blades which enables a precise and gentle incision, as well as a long lifespan. For easier identification, both handle rings are gold plated. Tungsten Carbide scissors used for trimming tissue or cutting sutures.

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