Locklin Scissor Cvd. TC Serr. 16.5cm

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Locklin Scissor Cvd. TC 1 edge Serrated. 16.5cm

Product Details:
Locklin Scissor
Tungsten Carbide Tips
1 cutting edge is serrated
Curved Handles
Sharp pointed cutting edges
Total length is 16.5cm
Surgical Stainless Steel
Completely sterilisable

The Locklin Gum Scissors have Pointed Sharp Cutting Edges, that are ideal for sharp dissection of tissues. They are used to cut tissues in the oral cavity, mucous membranes, blood vessels, soft tissue masses and sutures. Locklin Gum & Tissue Scissors are angled the side with a 25 degree angle, and are offered in both curved and straight shanks to accommodate a range of cases. Cutting edges are Tungsten Carbide with one serrated cutting edge. This works as an anti-slip mechanism to ensur a secure grip.

Tungsten-Carbide (TC):
Tungsten-Carbide is incorporated into the blades which enables a precise and gentle incision, as well as a long lifespan. For easier identification, both handle rings are gold plated. Tungsten Carbide scissors used for trimming tissue or cutting sutures.


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