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Micro Needle Holder Cvd. 18cm

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Microsurgical Needle Holder, Cvd. Velvart, DD, 18cm

Product Details:
Curved jaws
Diamond Dusted Tips
Suitable for suture thicknesses: 7-0 – 8-0
Pivot Curved design, Velvart
Design Handle with lock
Total Length is 18cm
Surgical Stainless Steel
Completely Sterilizable

Microsurgical Velvart Curved, Diamonde Dusted Needle Holders are for very fine sutures. Special lock design prevents tangling of the seam. This allows the needle to be guided through coarse gingival tissue with controlled grip pressure.

These fine and light weight needle holders have been developed for atraumatic and minimally invasive sewing. Such suturals are used with free mucous membrane transplantation and apical and lateral shifting lobes. Inter-proximal places can be reached with the sight form of the barraquer and Castroviejo needle holders. These needle holders are suited for the operation with loupe or microscope.

The curved tip of “Pivot-Curved” lock of micro needle holders and micro scissors prevent the suture from getting caught and breaking in the instrument. The drilled pivot stabilizes the working tips and the round handle eases the rotatory motion in the hand.

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