Molt Mouth Gag 14cm

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Molt Mouth Gag, with silicone inserts, 14cm

The Molt Mouth Gag is a ratcheted device that can be used to open the mouth during oral procedures and prevent obstruction in sedated patients. The gag is 14cm long and has a self-retaining mechanism to fix its shape in the desired position. It has comfortable and capacious finger ring handles and two curved blades that are streamlined to optimize their function. The necks of the blades are bent outwards to prevent trauma to the lips and the blade tips are additionally angled to be conveniently passed between the teeth.

The ratchet assembly that lies between the handles has a sliding lever to allow easy closure and removal of the blades after the procedure. We manufacture the Molt Mouth Gag from premium quality surgical stainless steel to provide comfort for the patient and the operator and facilitate easy and reliable sterilization after each oral or dental procedure.


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