Petite Aspirating Syringe

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Petite Aspirating Syringes, Cook-Waite (C-W) type, 1.8ml, Metric Thread

Dental Aspirating Syringes are used in conjunction with needle and a 1.8ml pre-filled anesthetic cartridge (not supplied by HARF Industries). Aspirating syringes are available in Type CW (Cook-Waite and Type A (Astra). The Syringes are reusable and are provided clean and supplied non-sterile.

Aspirating Syringes are indicated to be used in conjunction with anesthetic needles and anesthetic cartridges for injection of anesthetic solution in the oral cavity.

To avoid needle sticks, re-cap needle after injection has been given.
To avoid leakage during and injection, ensure that needle is straight as it penetrates the cartridge diaphragm.

Syringes must be sterilized prior to use. See the sterilization instructions.
Hubs cannot be removed. Do not attempt to remove hub from syringe for sterilization or for any reason as damage to the syringe will occur.
Do not mix with metals in sterilization, other non chrome-plated brass instruments may cause damage to syringes.
Do not use cold sterilants, as they will react to the chrome plating of the syringe.
Keep needle capped while affixing or removing from syringe.

Loading Instructions:
. Retract piston rod fully.
. Insert 1.8ml cartridge, plunger end first, into syringe barrel.
. Hold cartridge firmly in place. Push piston rod forward with a quick jab.
. Affix needle to aspirating syringe.
. Expel a few drops of solution to clear needle
. Aspirate before injecting solution after inserting needle into tissue.
. After positioning the needle, pull back on thumb ring to aspirate.

Unloading Instructions:
. Remove needle from syringe.
. Withdraw piston rod to clear cartridge for removal
. Tilt syringe to expel cartridge.

Cleaning & Sterilization Instructions:
1. Remove all traces of blood, saliva, and anesthesia solution.
2. Remove paraffine that has accumulated on the harpoon
3. Syringes are supplied non-sterile and must be sterilized prior to each use.
4. Syringes should not be sterilized with other instruments to avoid syringe damage.
5. Before each use, sterilize and inspect instrument. (see sterilization guide for more details)
6. Do not use cold sterilants, as they will react to the chrome plating of the syringe.


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