Senn-Miller Retractor

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Senn-Miller Retractor Round 7×8.5mm 16cm

Product Details:
Senn-Miller Retractor
Round Edges
Retractor blade size is 7×8.5mm
Instrument length 16cm
Surgical stainless steel
completely sterilizable

Senn-Miller Retractor is a multipurpose surgical device that allows surgeons to pull back and hold tissues away from the operating site during general surgery. Three Prongs For Safely Retracting Heavy Tissues. Dynamic L-Shaped Working End For Slicing Underneath Wound Edges. Ergonomic Central Handle For Maximum Surgical Control.

The Senn-Miller retractor has a double ended design that consists of a central flat handle and different working ends. For example, one working end is L-shaped. This feature allows surgeons to slide the tip under the inner surface of the skin for superior retraction. On the other hand, the three-pronged working end has sharp tips. Therefore, surgeons can pull back large masses of tissues using this side of the device. To conclude, all our Senn-Miller Retractors feature a central flat handle. Surgeons can change between tips just by rotating fingers around the handle.


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